Tuition Fees

Payment of Fees

Students must pay the total amount of their semester tuition and other fees on the day they register. The tuition fees must be paid to the ABU authorized bank in any mode of payment in Cash, Account transfer, Pay order, Bank draft, Debit card, Credit card etc. But personal cheques are not accepted. A late registration fee is assessed for students who pay their fees after the last date of payment mentioned in the academic calendar. A student has the obligation to pay regularly assessed tuition and other fees in due time. Students withdrawing from courses are eligible for refunds in accordance with the refund policy.

Undergraduate Fee Structure

  • Admission Fee 15,000/-

Tuition Fee

Name of FacultyName of ProgramsCreditsTuition Fees (Per Credit)Semester FeeLab Fee(Per Semester)Admission FeeTotal Fee
Faculty of BusinessBBA In Accounting1323,300/-6,000/-500/-15,000/-5,58,600/-
BBA In Marketing1323,300/-6,000/-500/-15,000/-5,58,600/-
BBA in Management1323,300/-6,000/-500/-15,000/-5,58,600/-
BBA In Finance1323,300/-6,000/-500/-15,000/-5,58,600/-


  • If a student get GPA 8 points of 10 (S.S.C & H.S.C) he/she will get 20% waiver for 2 semester of tuition fees.
  • If a student get GPA 7.5 points of 10 (S.S.C & H.S.C) he/she will get 15% waiver for 2 semester of tuition fees.
  • We will give 10% waiver in 2 semesters of tuition fees for all students less than GPA 7.5.
  • If a student gets CGPA 3.5 out of 4 on his/her running semester he/she will get 25% waiver for next semester & it will be continuing with his result.
  • 100% waiver is applicable for 3% freedom fighter’s offspring. Same waiver would continue for poor but meritorious students of undeveloped area. It would continue basing on their result.

Admission Fee

The non-refundable Admission fee is assessed for admitted applicants following an admission test and before registration begins. An applicant forfeits the right of admission if the Admission Fee is not paid by the due date. Applicants are notified of such due dates by notice posted at ABU Registrar’s Office.

Student Activity Fee

The Student Activity Fee is due at the time of registration each semester the student is enrolled. This fee is used to support a broad range of student activities and interests.

Tuition Fee

Tuition is due for registration at the beginning of each semester and is based upon the student’s academic level (undergraduate or graduate) and the number of credits for which the student registers.

Other Expenses

In addition to the applicable fees, students are required to purchase textbooks, instruments, and other personal equipment and supplies when needed for courses in the chosen curriculum.

Bank List for Tuition Fees

ABU has selected some banks to collect students’ fees. ABU Students may deposit their fees to any of the following banks:

  • Bank Name
  • Bank Name

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